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ID Title Abstract
1410043 DROWN Attack / U2 advisory notice What is the impact of the DROWN attack on U2 products
1410042 Which U2 products meets PCI DSS 3.1 compliance requirements List of U2 Products version that meet PCI DSS 3.1 compliance
1410041 OpenSSL FREAK vulnerability - what you need to know. On Tuesday, March 3, 2015, an OpenSSL vulnerability referred to as Freak was announced. This Tech Note describes the steps required to address this issue with the U2 databases.
1410040 Advisory Notice on Upcoming Changes to SSL Certificates This Tech Note describes the upcoming changes to SHA-2 SSL signed certificate support in U2 databases.
1410039 Describing compatibility issues between schemas created in U2 MDM and those created in other tools. This Tech Note describes the compatibility between the 1NF maps and schemas created in the U2 MDM tool and those created using either VSG or the Schema API.
1410037 How to Configure and Use U2 DataVu Web U2 DataVu Web is an application-server-based solution that extends key U2 DataVu functions to enterprise users by using a "thin client," browser-based deployment model. It allows you to run saved objects in a browser. This Tech Note contains multiple documents that, when used in the order listed, explain how to set up and configure U2 DataVu Web.
1410030 Setting up a UniData account for U2 DataVu without CONVERT.SQL In order to access or create queries from files in a UniData account using U2 DataVu, you must first make the files accessible to JDBC. This document provides a solution allowing to expose UniData files to U2 DataVu without requiring to run CONVERT.SQL on these files.
1410029 Alert: BDT versions 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 - Dictionary Editor Corrupts Data in Pick Accounts In Basic Developer Toolkit (BDT) version 1.2.2 and 1.2.3, if you are connected to a Pick-flavored account, saving dictionary records using the dictionary editor will corrupt the dictionary.
1410028 How To Get The Latest Version of the XTOOLSUB Subroutine The XTOOLSUB program is a U2 Database server-side BASIC program used by various U2 Client Tools. This includes U2 Data Vu, U2 Web DE, Basic Developer's Toolkit (BDT), Extensible Administration Tool (XAdmin), Web Services Developer, and more. It also includes any tool that uses the U2 Resource View. Periodicially, the XTOOLSUB program needs to be updated to support new functionality. The latest version is attached to this document.
1410027 Product ALERT - U2 Web Development Environment V5.0 (U2 Web DE) This alert has been issued for Customers using RedBeans (java) in U2 Web DE V5.0. A new version of asjava.jar needs to be downloaded from this alert replacing the asjava.jar included with U2 Web DE 5.0.
1410023 How can I transfer my SBClient session information to SBClient 5.5? SBClient 5.5 uses different file types to store information on your PC and is not able to read the information from previous versions of SBClient. This document describes the steps to export your current configurations and to import them into the SBClient 5.5 environment.
1410022 What you need to know before you upgrade to UniVerse 11.1 UniVerse 11.1 could be described as one of the most ambitious releases of UniVerse we've ever delivered. This article covers changes to existing features and implementation of new featuresand some of the other important changes in 11.1.
1410011 SBCLIENT and Windows Terminal Server SBClient 6 has been tested on Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 with Terminal Server Role enabled.
1410010 Alert : U2 Web Development Environment server version 4.4.2 may shut down on its own after 13 days Once the U2 Web Development Environment (U2 Web DE) server version 4.4.2 has been running for a period of 13 days, the server may shut down on its own.
1410009 Alert : Performance issue at U2 Web DE 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 U2 Web Development Environment versions 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 running on a UniVerse have a performance issue.
1410005 Alert: U2 Web Services (U2 WSD) SSL Issues U2 Web Services SSL connection may not actually work to the U2 Database Server. During production of the Soap Server, the incorrect version of the uoj.jar file was supplied. The version supplied was 4.1.1 but version 4.1.3 is needed.
1410003 How to upgrade your applications to SBXA 6.x The upgrade from SB+ 5.4.2 to SB/XA 6.x is not a trivial one, regardless of whether you want to use the new .NET presentation components. This Tech note details the steps you will need consider and follow to successfully complete your application upgrade.
1410002 SBXA 6.0.1 Release Updates This Tech Note provides information on release and documentation changes that were not incorporated in the product release.
1410001 SBClient issues with Windows AERO Theme This Tech Note shows how to setup SBClient to run on Windows 7 or Vista using the AERO Theme.
1396566 The patch notes included with UniData don't display the topics Beginning at UniData 7.2 we now create the patch notes using the Microsoft compiled html format. These files have a .chm file extension. This Technote explains how to configure your PC to display the Help topics.
1396559 Performance of UniData Record Locking Degraded at Release 7.2.0 Starting with UniData version 7.2.0, the number of record locks that can be set and released per second in a high-volume multi-process test is significantly lower than on previous UniData versions. Depending on your UniData application architecture, you may observe record locking performance degradation compared to your experience on prior releases
1392227 How to install the IBM Data Server Provider for .NET v9.7 for UniData and UniVerse The new IBM Data Server Provider for .NET v9.7 provides an option to install the IBM Data Server Driver for .NET and the IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio without installing the full client version (300 MB) of IBM DB2 v9.7. This Technote demonstrates how to install the IBM Data Server Driver for .NET and the IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio. You can use the testconn20.exe tool to test the IBM Data Server Driver for .NET installation. You can also check the Add-ins package option in the Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 "About window".
1375983 UniVerse Transaction Logging and Automatic Data Encryption NOT supported for use on the same UniVerse file. Activating a UniVerse file for use with UniVerse Transaction Logging AND encrypting that same UniVerse file with Automatic Data Encryption is currently not supported.
1323424 Installing U2 WEBDE 4.4.0 and 4.4.1 Gateway on Windows Web Server 2008 including X64 The U2 WEB Development Environment (WEBDE) will not install on Windows Server 2008. This document describes the steps to accomplish this task
1320753 How to install the IBM Data Server Provider for .NET v9.5 (fix pack x) for UniData and UniVerse The new IBM Data Server Provider for .NET v9.5 (fix pack x) provides an option to install the IBM Data Server Driver for .NET and the IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio without installing the full client version (300 MB) of IBM DB2 v9.5. This Technote demonstrates how to install the IBM Data Server Driver for .NET and the IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio. You can use the testconn20.exe tool to test the IBM Data Server Driver for .NET installation. You can also check the Add-ins package option in the Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 "About window".
1314448 Which encryption algorithms are supported in UniData and UniVerse Which encryption algorithms are supported in UniData and UniVerse
1314320 How to change your encryption algorithm in ADE. UniVerse 10.2 and above offers Automatic Data Encryption (ADE). In this document you will see how to decrypt a data file that has two attributes defined as encrypted and encrypt those same attributes using a different algorithm. This will be demonstrated using the command line functions and UniAdmin.
1308203 UniData dynamic files or Recoverable Files (RFS) can become corrupt on some 7.1 releases on Windows� platforms. Duplicate drive level file identifiers on UniData Windows� systems can result in file corruption and unexpected file or record locks. Your system is at risk if you have more than 65,536 files of any type on a Windows� drive that UniData files reside on and you are running one of the following releases: UniData Windows� releases affected: 7.1.5, 7.1.6, 7.1.9, 7.1.12
1296473 How do I use the udtdiag utility? What is this command used for? How do you run the udtdiag command? Can I get the newest version of the script?
1273420 Device Licensing for UniVerse 10.2.x Server Edition The DLUV package is not recognised as a package by the licensing process in UniVerse 10.2. There are two things to note about this package. 1. While attempting to install the DLUV package (uvregen -p DLUV:2) you receive the following error. 'Invalid package name: DLUV' 2. If attempting to modify the number of connections per device to 1 (uvregen -d 1) you will receive the following message. 'Invalid # of connections per device: 1'
1267310 How to Authorize UniVerse 10.2.0 and higher The UniVerse license authorization process changed at UniVerse 10.2.0. This document details how to properly authorize UniVerse 10.2.0 and higher.
1266030 How to download U2 products using Electronic Software Delivery Most current versions of U2 products are available for Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) using HTTP. U2 Business Partners can request U2 GOLD Masters using the U2BusinessConnect (U2BC) feature on the U2TechConnect web page. Direct end users (DEU) can request their U2 products directly from the U2BC team at When the request is first entered, if there is a problem with the request, or if the customer is a direct enduser, an email showing the request is Pending will be sent. Once a request has been entered, a partner in good standing will receive two emails from the U2BC system : 1 - a Customer Confirmation, which includes a link to the web for authorizations, 2 - the FTP Fulfillment, which includes the link to the web for downloading the requested product(s) using HTTP.
1256194 After upgrading wIntegrate 6.x to 6.0.4 the error, ...wIntegrate.msi cannot be found.. is displayed wIntegrate 6.x is upgraded to version 6.0.4 successfully. No errors are reported. When starting wIntegrate, a messagebox is displayed with the error, wIntegrate.msi cannot be found. Subsequent messageboxes contain Error 1706. No valid source... and Fatal error during installation.
1254814 Windows Vista Support with U2 products Microsoft released the Windows Vista desktop operating system on 29 January 2007. This document outlines our plan to support the U2 products and components that need to run on a desktop platform, such as server consoles, end-points/agents, development tools, and productivity applications.
1251036 RedBack and U2 Web DE component installations receive the message "Your platform is not supported. Check Documentation for details". RedBack component installations, including server, gateway and minimum gateway, receive the message "Your Platform is not supported . Check Documentation for details" on Windows 2003 R2 or Windows Vista.
1249374 Impact of Changes to Daylight Savings Time (DST) in U.S. and Canada In March 2007, the effective dates of DST in the U.S. and Canada will change. Sun has announced that older versions of its Java Runtime Environment (JRE) need to be modified to correctly handle these changes. IBM U2 Web DE and IBM U2 data server Clients currently ship with older versions of the JRE . No issues exist with the U2 Clients or U2 Web DE as they do not call time functions. However, user-created Java� applications that use an older JRE may be affected. This document describes the changes, the impact and what actions may be taken to address any concerns. IBM U2 data servers (UniData and UniVerse) and other tools and components, including SystemBuilder and wIntegrate, are not affected as they do not ship a JRE nor do they make calls to any time functions from a JRE.
1239371 UniData shared memory corruption occurs with smm file system table overflow. UniData shared memory corruption occurs if the internal file system table overflows. This corruption can trigger a database crash on a system with the Recoverable File System (RFS) enabled. Non-RFS systems may experience hangs or file corruption.
1209003 How do you install UniVerse when the product is sent via electronic delivery? How do you install UniVerse when the product is sent via electronic delivery (ESD)?
1199631 Speeding Up Traversing of the UniVerse Lock Table Reducing the page rate of the HPUX when Traversing the UniVerse Lock Table
1177927 Changes to the way licenses are consumed when running phantoms Due to the increasing use of APIs which allow PHANTOMS to interactively solicit user input, we have implemented changes to the way licenses are consumed. The original intent of PHANTOM licenses as for background processing such as batch file updates, report generation and other similar forms of processing where user intervention was not required. In fact, PHANTOMs will abort if they encounter an INPUT statement. However, with the introduction of the CallHTTP and Sockets interfaces as well as support for secure Sockets, XML, MQ and SOAP in recent versions of UniVerse and UniData, PHANTOMs now have the ability to interactively obtain user input without consuming a database license. This negatively impacts the U2 business and is not consistent with our competitors as they either impose limits or charge for PHANTOM licenses.
1110850 How to increase and/or decrease UniData user license counts without stopping and starting UniData on Unix systems In certain instances, the UniData administrator may need to increase or decrease UniData user license counts without the inconvenience of getting all UniData users cleanly off the system and stopping and restarting UniData
1081627 How do I authorize UniData After installing or upgrading UniData, or making system changes after installing UniData, a temporary license is enabled. This temporary license allows you to run UniData for a limited time until you are able to authorize it. The temporary license period varies depending on the version of UniData: 3.3.2 - 5 days, 4.0/4.1 - 10 days, 5.0 and higher, and UniData on NT - 30 days. During this grace period, you can run UniData but you will need to authorize it in order to continue using it beyond the temporary license period. This Technote explains the procedure for generating a configuration code, receiving an authorization code, and authorizing UniData.
1080541 How to relicense Universe when the serial number changes for Windows NT/2000/XP platforms. There are occasions where a product license / serial number will change. When relicensing Universe via the Universe GUI Control Panel with a new serial number, the changes do not appear to take affect, no error messages occur. The details below explain how to alter the Universe licensing appropriately.
1078525 Problem licensing RedBack 4.1.3 When licensing RedBack 4.1.3, although the correct authorization code is used, the message regarding the 31 days to license the product keeps being displayed.